Run Your Race

I am not a runner.  I know it is the popular thing to do right now and it is a really great way to stay healthy and in shape, but I just don’t enjoy running.  I don’t even run to the kitchen when I’m hungry.  But running life’s race is something that we all do and it takes skill and perseverance to do it well.


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Hello My Name Is…

There is something remarkable about communicating with another individual.  Something inside us leaps with excitement when another soul connects with ours.  I remember getting letters (the old fashioned way) from my girlfriend, now wife, during my college years.  Each week I would stop by the mailbox and look for the letter covered with hearts and XOXOs that would signal another opportunity to communicate with the one I loved so far away.


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Photo Gifts To Share

Tried to post this earlier today but had some network issues….sorry.

Thought we would share some photos of our gifts for today.  Reid is learning to play chess, Rylan loves puppies, Kelly got an email with the Jesus drawing…..great story, and I have been studying 1 Corinthians 13:13.

Piggies, Piano & Purpose…

In our family, life moves by a cycle of firsts.  First day of summer, first day of duck season, first day waking up without a cat sleeping on my face.  Today was Rylan’s “First day of school……Kiddie City.”

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Rainy Days & Mondays…

I’m a sunshine guy.  We are a sunshine family.  Rain doesn’t fit into our life.  You can’t swim in the pool when it rains.  You can’t go water skiing when it rains.  You can’t play outside when it rains.  You can’t do much when it rains, except stay inside…..and look out the window… the rain.

Healing Rain

Healing Rain

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God’s Eye, Sparkle & A Pretty Girl…

Today was amazing.  Kelly brought the boys over to me after school so she could do some grocery shopping…….I see you shaking your head….who in their right mind takes two boys grocery shopping?

When Reid got out of the car I noticed that he had something in his hands.  Baseball cards!  “Where did you get those?” I asked.  “I won SPARKLE” he said.  For those who don’t know, SPARKLE is a spelling game kids play at school.  Reid struggles with spelling and for him to win this game was HUGE.  He was stoked!  And the baseball cards were pretty cool as well.  I bet you can guess what his Gift was today.  I was so proud of him.

For my Gift I shared a photo I took of the morning sun on my way to work.  It was an amazing way to see God, to look into His face, and to remember He is always with us.

God's Eye

God’s Eye

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9/9/13 First Gifts

Today was our first set of gifts.  We sat around the dinner table and talked about what happened during our day.  When Mama brought out a card to write our Gifts on.  Rylan looked at me and said “Dad…what is she doing?”  I gave him some sage advice.  “Be quiet and do as your mother says.”

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