The Gift of Family

This week is Christmas week.  My sons are more excited than a cat in a yarn shop.  This year our family will spend the holiday the way we always do, together.  There is something very special about family.  I’m hoping this Christmas, my sons learn a few lessons about family, from the Robertson family.

The Williamson boys and the Duckmen

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Run Your Race

I am not a runner.  I know it is the popular thing to do right now and it is a really great way to stay healthy and in shape, but I just don’t enjoy running.  I don’t even run to the kitchen when I’m hungry.  But running life’s race is something that we all do and it takes skill and perseverance to do it well.


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…Till It’s Gone.

I loose things.  No matter how organized I try to be, stuff just disappears when it’s in my possession.  I can’t explain it, my wife doesn’t understand it, and I fear I’ve passed it on to my sons…but it’s a fact, I loose things.  But sometimes, what I’ve lost I can never get back, and I miss it, a lot.

"We miss you Belle"

“We miss you Belle”

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What a Rush…

There is something a little frighting about being suspended from a thin cable wire high above the ground, hurling from one tree to another at a high rate of speed, seemingly out of control.  And even though you might be secured in a harness, there is still this incredible sense of danger which creates a rush of adrenaline that is exhilarating.  This feeling of tempting fate, cheating injury and defying death is a phenomenon that so many in our culture are addicted to.  My boys are no exception.

Hold on to your butts...

Hold on to your butts…

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The Butterfly Roundup

Today we did something totally new for the Williamson’s. Something definitely not in our “wheelhouse”. We went butterfly hunting. This was very different from our normal hunting excursions. There were no firearms, nothing died and there were way more little girls than little boys. But have no fear…..the boys and I wore camo. Somebody had to represent for the rednecks.

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